The Nightmare... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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The Nightmare is Dissolved
Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:11 pm by ZeroVenkage
So it is, so it shall be then.

((this is kham... I got rid of the big giant red fuck you post because the huge pic was really annoying, it moved the entire page over like 10 inches))

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 Spirit of Hyozanryu

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Nightmare's Reprieve
Nightmare's Reprieve

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PostSubject: Spirit of Hyozanryu   Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:43 am

All these chakras can be molded into whatever shape I choose making them very versatile but the ones i most use are;
Sword, Naginata, Hammer, Ball and Chain, Blade Whip, Katana, Zanbato, Battle Fan, Discus, Gauntlets, Shuriken, Bladed Top, and Masks.

I call forth one weapon that has has the power of all the chakras in this form.

This is the weapon in sword form, but it keeps the same general shape through all the weapons. The part of the weapon that is used for attacking cycles the color spectrum. This is rarely used from the strain it puts on my body. Through this weapon, I can call forth the form of Hyozanryu to my body, releasing me from the need of handsigns.

The wings cycle the color spectrum as well. When I use the power of Kingdom Hearts along with Hyozanryu, I enter Kingdom State. I still have the wings, but I am no longer pure chakra.

Basic Techniques

Senbonzakura - Luna scatters into small fragments of light and fly at the opponent cutting them endlessly.

Flare Blade - I slash at my opponent causing explosions whenever I make contact

Dragon Twister -I swirl Adan above my head whipping up a savage storm and I throw all of its fury at my opponent

Liquid Maiden - I trap my opponent in a ball of water connected to Rio. Then I thrust Rio into the ball and that causes more spikes to close in on the opponent

Twin Swords on Flashing Light - Another blade of pure lightning is cast in my other hand and it lashes out at the opponent by itself while I attack.

Null Void - I extend pure darkness past Oblivion's blade and swing it at my opponent. When it connects, it traps them in a void of darkness in which the pressure increases to the point of compressing them into a singularity

My blade that I draw on from my own spirit... Oathkeeper.

This blade calls forth the power of my promise to aid me in battle. I call Oathkeeper and channel my elemental chakras through it to make them easier to control.

This blade is called Atonement. It was given to me by Ace to help me defeat the demons of my past.
As of now, I use it as an extension of Oathkeeper.


Arcane Oath

Used with my right hand, Arcane Oath crystallizes light to form different things. The crystals are generally harder than normal diamonds and can be used to form anything I can come up with at the moment.

Arcane Armor


The twin Bankai to Arcane oath, wielded with my left hand, used the exact opposite way. The only difference is Redemption takes darkness and turns it to crystals.

Redemption Armor

My Mask

I generally wear the mask at all times, just because I like it. Since my coming back to my senses, the essence of Kotonryu of the Black Cloud is trapped inside. I can now call him forth and control him as I please since he's sealed in there with the powers of my bankai and Kham's.

The form I take when I activate the mask

If I call forth the power of the mask while I am using the power of Hyozanryu and Kingdom Hearts, I enter Twilight State

I use every power I have effortlessly, but it completely drains me to the point of near death after I exit the state.
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Spirit of Hyozanryu
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